Harold Beeler


Testimonials about Harold Beeler Divorce and Family Law Attorney and Mediator



Finding Judge Beeler was a godsend. He was creative in his legal thinking, kind, extremely thoughtful, patient and thorough. I only have the greatest of respect for Judge Beeler and his professional services.

- AE -



We first met Mr Beeler in a critical point of transition from other legal representation. Harold not only proved himself to be a invaluable resource for achieving the best possible outcome in the legal matter, but he also served to properly guide our expectations and repair the emotional damage which had been done by previous counsel.

- RC -



Judge Beeler brought hope, compassion, and a pragmatic path to a resolution for our family. His years on the bench, knowledge, and finesse allow him to navigate even the most intractable financial, and custodial roadblocks. With the benefit of time it became even more clear that he simply mediates in a thorough, compassionate, and analytical manner, for rapid movement towards an equitable settlement that is fair and reasonable to all parties. In our case, it allowed my former spouse, our children, and me to move forward in the most harmonious manner possible.

- RG -



Harold Beeler was my consulting attorney in my divorce mediation. His knowledge and perspective as a former judge saved me from signing an agreement that would have been seriously against my financial interests. Although the revised agreement required my husband to pay more in settlement and assume more of our expenses, he stated that if Harold had been our mediator, our agreement would have been fairer from the start saving us the extra months of personal discord and thousands of addition legal fees.

I therefore highly recommend Harold Beeler as a divorce mediator. If you have already employed a mediator, I even more highly recommend Harold Beeler as a consulting attorney for your mediation agreement.

- SMA -