Harold Beeler
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Harold Beeler Divorce and Family Law Attorney and Mediator

Divorce & Family Law Attorney & Mediator


As a former matrimonial judge in New York State Supreme Court, I am uniquely qualified to mediate your divorce.  I combine the knowledge and expertise in all areas of matrimonial and family law with the skills and temperament of a trained mediator. My expertise extends to all areas of matrimonial law including child custody and support, spousal maintenance (alimony), equitable distribution of property and debt, parental decision making and parenting plans for children. I have published numerous decisions in the field of matrimonial law and presided over high profile divorce cases. I am known not only for my expertise in divorce law but also for my calm disposition and compassion.

Divorce mediation can be a successful alternative to adversarial divorce litigation. There are many advantages to divorce mediation. It is confidential and conducted in a safe private environment. It costs far less than divorce litigation and takes far less time. It enables couples themselves to decide all issues involved in the dissolution of a marriage. As a former judge, I can explain to you the court process and the potential outcomes of a case in court. This information provides you with a better understanding of your choices in mediation. At the conclusion of a successful mediation, I can draft your Separation Agreement which will deal with all the unique issues of your divorce which you have agreed upon, and which is included as part of your uncontested divorce papers.

In addition to mediating divorces, I also conduct divorce arbitration where I decide the financial issues related to the divorce with the parties agreeing to be bound by my determination (subject to limited judicial review). My practice also includes serving as a consulting and review attorney for parties who are engaged in mediation with another mediator.  I also perform post-divorce mediation and arbitration and serve as a parenting coordinator to assist parents deal with custody-related issues.

As a matrimonial judge, I was frequently called upon to interpret the meaning of prenuptial and postnuptial agreements and to determine their validity. With this experience I also specialize in the drafting of Prenuptial and Postnuptial agreements which protect your interests and which meet all legal requirements.

I have been recognized as an expert in family law and mediation by my selection as a Super Lawyer in the area of Family law in the New York Metro Area for 2010-2017, by my appointment and service as a Special Master in the Appellative Division, First Department to mediate matrimonial appeals, and by my being a panelist in continuing education programs for other family law mediators. I also am on the faculty of the New York College of Matrimonial Law Trial Lawyers which conducts continuing legal education program in the area of custody and divorce law, and a Neutral Evaluator in the Neutral Evaluation Program of the Supreme Court, New York County.