Harold Beeler

Publications & Notable Cases

Published opinions and notable cases from Harold Beeler Divorce and Family Law Attorney and Mediator


Published opinions

Guerrand-Hermes v Guerrand-Hermes

Interpretation of relationship between New York and French prenuptial agreements (2009)

Smith v Walsh-Smith

YouTube divorce trial: husband granted divorce for cruel and inhuman treatment by wife for rant on YouTube video (2008)

Zelman v Zelman

Right of attorney to lien on property subject to equitable distribution (2007)

Debra H. v Janice R

Same-sex partner entitled to hearing to determine parental rights to non-biological child (2008)

A.F. v S.F

Discontinuance of divorce case conditioned on retention by courtof jurisdiction over the custody of the children (2007)

Kramer v Paronen

Long-arm jurisdiction over financial matters and residence requirements for divorce cases  (2006)


Notable Cases

Ferguson v Combs

Civil trial of Sean “Puffy” Combs for false imprisonment of his limo driver following flight from Club New York

People v Rodriguez

Criminal trial for car-jacking robbery of Queen Latifah, singer and actress

People v Hubrecht

Criminal trial of landlord for murder of his rent-controlled tenant

People v Zinaman

Criminal trial of dentist for sexually abusing patients while using laughing gas

Smith v Walsh-Smith

“YouTube” divorce trial for cruel and inhuman treatment by wife for rant on YouTube video

People v Hirschfeld

Criminal trial of real estate mogul for solicitation to kill his business partner

People v Ko

Criminal trial for murder of Korean Columbia Law School student by her boyfriend