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Harold B. Beeler, a divorce lawyer NY residents trust.
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Being a divorce lawyer NY residents can trust, and offering the divorce mediation NY clients need, I can tell you from experience that divorce is an extremely stressful and painful time in a person’s life.  I am a skilled and knowledgeable family law attorney, specializing in divorce litigation. I will represent you in your contested divorce  case and successfully get you through this most difficult time. I have the knowledge and perspective gained from having served as a New York State judge for more than twenty years. As a former matrimonial judge in the New York Supreme Court, I will explain to you all the legal issues involved in a divorce.  These can include child custody and support, spousal maintenance (alimony), equitable distribution of property, parental decision making and parenting plans for children.

I have published numerous decisions in the field of matrimonial law and presided over high profile divorce cases. I am known not only for my expertise in divorce law but also for my calm disposition and compassion. I will patiently listen to you and explain to you all your options.

Almost all contested divorce cases are settled without going to court or having a trial. I will forcefully advocate your interests in any settlement discussions and negotiate a settlement on terms favorable for you. In the very rare case that a settlement cannot be reached, I have the background and ability to successfully represent you in court in all stages of your divorce case.

I am also trained in divorce mediation which for some spouses can be a successful alternative to adversarial divorce litigation. There are many advantages to divorce mediation. It enables couples themselves to decide all issues involved in the dissolution of a marriage. It is confidential and conducted in a safe private environment, and it costs far less than divorce litigation and takes far less time. So when you need divorce mediation, NY residents, you can trust me to help you get through this difficult time.

A divorce mediator does not take sides or impose solutions. He is an impartial third party who helps divorcing spouses identify their post-divorce needs and explore all available options. The result is an agreement which the parties themselves have created to meet their own unique needs and interests.

When there is a need for a family law or divorce attorney, NY residents can turn to the expertise and experience I offer to each and every client.
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60 East 42nd Street
40th Floor
New York, NY 10165
(212) 687-3822
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